Sad Words

To Mr. George W. Bush
the miserables St.,
the poor neighborhod,
the city of ignorance & disease,
the state of injustice & corruption,
the united states of fear & dictatorship,
the 3rd world which in its way to be the 13th,
the unsafe violent world which became a worse place to live in,
the 1st of Bloodymber month , 0000 year .
Dear Sir,
It gives me different feelings to write u this letter !! , I send u this letter to ask u to declare another war !! yes , i beg you to declare another war but this time on poverty , ignorance , injustice & desease . in this war the world will be united under your leadership . you know of course that your war on Iraq shed a lot of innocent blood & spread hate and divide the world . it also drew a bad image for the American civilization . unlike your war on terrorism your war on poverty will unite the world & spread tolerance , pluralism , democracy , justice and love .it'll make the world like a big caring familly !! and you will win !
yours sincerely,